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Anyone try new Elasti-print from Transfer Express?

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I'm looking for any info on the new Elasti-print from Transfer express... If you've tested them how'd they work? I want to use them on some soccer jersey's that are 100% polyester. What is the feel? I have in the past used first-edition cold peels w/crystals for poleyester and they worked o.k, but I really don't much like the rubbery feel! If anyone has used the Elasti let me know how they felt and if you'd recommend them. I requested a sample and didn't receive it yet, I'm out of time and I need to make a decision. Thanks
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Gary, I have not used this transfer from them. I have used another vendors simalar product with great success. I look forward to trying them and hearing from others.It will be nice to have another source for a needed product. .... JB
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