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Anyone Printing Candles ?

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how do you do that ?
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Im serious, NOT a joke. :D
How is it done ? :confused:
Try to give it more than 3 hours :)

People visit the forums at different times with different levels of experience.
My press gets real messy. Then I spend a lot of time scaping the wax off. Oh, I am sorry Lucy.. my real answer is no.. but I am alway looking for smething new.
I think my spell check is not working today.. excuse grammar on several answers. That happens when you try to play poker and answer forums questions.
That happens when you try to play poker and answer forums questions.
I know the feeling well :) Although a spell checker might not be a bad idea for the forum.
..hahaha!!! you peeps are ILL.....

I play a Jewish Piano, DO live comedy and still surf with this board....blind folded..... LOL ... spell check wvat ?

heck, how do they print those freakin candles, I really got a know now. :D
What kind of candles are you trying to print,
We use a pad printer for candles, not sure if this what you were wanting to know. Is it the actual candle or the glass?
What about printing on a flat rectangle of 1mm wax, then slightly warming it to be malleable, and encasing the candle? If you heat up the base candle first a little, they should bond.

EDIT: Although I didn't notice this was in the heat press section! For that, I have no idea! (and you should ensure the inks you use aren't toxic when burnt....nothing less romantic than your bathroom mood candles gassing the cat)
Im not dreaming this folks...:)

have a look: http://media.redgaloshes.com/01/007527.jpg

some retired guy tells me that you can use a laser color copy machine with some type of transfer paper to do it.... he was not very specific and gets anoyed easy....... :confused:

does this sound familiar, has anyone tryed it ?
Re: Anyone Printing Candles ? ---- NO JOKE !

come on guys,

I cant believe no one here with all the jet and CLC printers etc.. can't tell me how this is done.
Please no more "bumps" of this topic :)

I'm sure the information is out there with some research:
Ola,( please dont reply, thats about all my spanish in one word)
To answer your question, these are done on a standard printer with a Slide decal sheets. You may know these better as the same little decals you got with plastic models as kids. Not having printed my own, Im not sure if an ink like the Durabrite is required or not, but since you have to wet the decal Id assume so.
How about trying that temporary tatoo paper and tatting the candles.
crsmith said:

Found these two sites that might be what you are looking for.



Hope they help.
thanks guys.

Special thanks Cheryl, those resources are great and -thecraftypc- explains it so easy. Good to know. :) :) :)

uhhh so exited. thanks.
Still be careful about gassing someone.....most transfers are plastic polymer based, and give off pretty acrid fumes. What about stenciling using water-based inks?
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