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Bought this and for the past 2 years have been trying to get it to work, from "TopSenda" who were only interested while they waited for my 7 grand, then when all the problems began stopped communicating. Happy to " P .a. y " for help with getting the below problem sorted. Its an A3 UV Printer using the R2400 Printhead.

Problem, had to replace the Printhead Carriage and now when turned on the Printhead goes to its home position and then speeds over to the Left side until it hit the end and then a loud noise sounding like the spinning cogs are jammed. I'm guessing its just a Limit Switch / Sensor switch that hasn't stopped the carriage when it reaches the end. Hoping someone can identify the switch and help me activate it again.

Send me a PM and I'll send a video of the problem

Thanks in Advance


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