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Anyone know of Belt Buckle fabricators?

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Not sure if anyone knows of any companies, but I thought I'd ask:
I have a client who wants to take the logo text I designed him and make it into belt buckles. Does anyone know of companies who do this? Or can you help me steer him in the right direction to get some pricing from a few companies?
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I think miles to go belts does this
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Thanks Rodney, that helps. :)

A quick google search comes up with these....

Die cast... World Class Awards and Emblems

Laser engraved.... Engraved Belt Buckles

Hope this helps.
Hey James do you need the logo printed on the belt as is the case with miles to go or do you need them die struck and in the custom shape of the clients logo.

If you let me know which one I can pop into ESP Online and find you some options.
Thanks guys. I think he's wanting it cut or cast in the shape of the letters.
Aminco Die Struck Buckle
BCG Creations Custom shape cut buckles
Faro-USA Custom Shape Buckles

Let me know if you need more information. The retail sites don't have all of the information that you'll need so if you're interested on any of these shoot me a pm or an e-mail and I can let you know pricing information as well as any extra charges that they may have.

Also let me know if none of these sites do it for you. These were just a few of the many suppliers that I found.
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Thanks, I'll let you know if he needs anything different than those.
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