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Anyone know how to use this Machine

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My friend bought an embroidery machine from China and was sent this machine. Does anyone know how to use it? The manual is written in Chinese translated English(more like jibberish to me) and we can't figure out how to start using it.
Pictures attached.


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take pictures to your nearest dry cleaning. I've seen similar machines like that in dry cleaning/alteration shops.
Hope he got a good deal. No, I hope he got the best deal of a lifetime.

I'd get the chinese language manual and get it re-translated at a major university for a few hundred.

Trying to explain how to use an embroidery machine in a dew paragraphs is a little daunting.
Shep's advice is correct...just pay to get a reputable translation of the manual..otherwise he/she may have an expensive door stop
The logo says it all. :D
Nothing on youtube ?

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ZHONGGONG lol. Is the control panel also in chinese? It schould be have english settings.
The manual is in "Chinese English" kinda difficult to understand.
Well, these are all knockoffs of Tajima machines. Start there. This looks a lot like an SWF (that is what we have) but they are all basically the same. Find an english version of a Tajima and start from there.

good luck.
Thanks for advice. Will try that.
Brian, The equipment looks "standard" enouph to where you could find a independent tech or trainer and pay them for a 2 day run through. They could check to make sure it's in working order and at least get you started on learning the interface. I cannot vouch for the quality of the brand, but most machines are made in Asia and the manuals are all translated and seem quite funny in the technical sense...:) good luck
The control panel is the same as a Prodigi or any other chinese machine sold in the U.S.
Look for one of them
Did you get this problem solved? If not, considering hiring a professional language service team.
Did you get this problem solved? If not, considering hiring a professional language service team.
i'd hope it has been resolved by now....that post was from June 2012!:D
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