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Anyone know any high quality SMALL patches company?

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I have been looking for a while to get some iron on small embroidered patches (1.5" x .59") done with my logo, to place them on shirts' chest. I have looked this up on google and have recently talked to about 10 companies, but unfortunately they specialize in larger patches and when it comes to small sized ones, they look pretty awful. The samples I have received have bad stitching, look crooked, and just overall bad. Does anyone know of any company that can make a high quality patch at that size? I will attach the samples I have received from several websites, which I have not been too pleased with. I'm starting to think maybe screen printed patches might work better for this?

I have tried:
patches4less.com (they won't do anything under 2" x 2")

This is what I have received as sample:

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I think your biggest issue will be because of the size... most patches are finished with a merrowing machine and I don't believe it will be easy to work with something that small and with those sharp corners on a merrowing machine. You can make them on an embroidery machine but you won't have quite the same crisp edging that you would with the merrowing machine.
What's wrong with the bottom one? It doesn't look that bad to me.
Have you used them before?
Yes, I use them for patches, silicone bracelets, lapel pins, soft pvc, etc.....
I think your biggest issue will be because of the size...
Small patches are embroidered and then cut with a laser....I did one the was less than 1 square inch and it turned out quite well....
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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