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To all: Hello, I´m not much of an design artist nor do I have the tools, like photoshop to design T shirts but what I do have is a nack of coming up with funny ideas/concepts for T shirts. I have been scouring the internet to find sites but most of these places seem only interested in the artsy stuff and not so much the humor. I look at the stuff they offer and I don´t think I´ve ever seen anyone wearing the things that they sell. LOL! Beautiful art and all but kinda lame. I opened up a Cafepress store just to put my ideas/concepts on a format so I could send them to places not to make money there, which seems impossible anyway . I have been just using pics I find on the internet and yes I know that I can´t sell shirts with those pics and cafepress take them off of their market place anyhow. I just use them so people can get the concept of the shirt and the humor. I have a range of themes from soft to more hardcore/offensive stuff. So I was wondering if anyone here is interested in ideas/concepts and then you cold make the designs and modify them artistically however you like. Thanks
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