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Anyone in Oz use Bella or Monag Blanks?

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Just wondering if anyone in Aust orders from Bella or Monag in the USA?

I am starting to go around in circles with finding new blanks since fully stoked stopped supplying AA.

I have tried BYM but for smaller runs I am looking at approx $12 a shirt by the time shipping is factored in.

So far I have emailed about 10 companies who wholesale Bella in the USA to find who will send to Aust with no luck, so am wondering if anyone can help.

The company in Aust who stocks Bella, does not do the baby line, and will only get it in if we order 32 peices of same colour & size.
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Does it have to be bella? I use AS Colour blanks and have found them to be awesome. I cant fault them at all.

They are based in Sydney now, and well worth checking out.
Their website is AS Colour: Blank T-Shirts, Plain T-Shirts, Wholesale T-Shirts - a guy Zeb heads up their Syd operation.

Dunno if thats a help at all, but thought I would throw in my 5 cents.

Whooop whoop
So you have tried Superior for the Bella range, have you also tried to contact ACME wear, I believe they distributed Bella before Superior Activewear and they might have got in some babies range.
Thanks. Unfortunately AS dont have the colour range we are after, tho at the rate we are going we may have to reassess the colours and style in the infant tops in any event:(

Superior have the minimum 32 peices in one size and colour requirement, I haven't tried ACME wear yet, so will see if I can find a contact for them and give it ago. I know on Bella's website they only have Superior listed as the Australian distributor. I might try the NZ one as well and see if we have any luck there.
Superior have minimums? Are you sure? We have bought less than that from them before. I would double check with them.
printon - apparently they don't stock the infant/baby range here, they will get it in from USA, but that is where the minimums come in.

Sighhhh NZ also don't stock that range!

Think it might be time to reasses our colour range as this is getting to be impossible.:mad:
I think Acme in Aus has some Bella Baby left that they will sell you in smaller amounts.
Thanks I will give them a try:)
Can anyone help with a contact I cannot find one anywhere :(
Brilliant you saved me from bashing my head on wall today :)
Hi, did you try the website www.monag.com? From what I can see there are no minimums and they seem to ship internationally? Did you find out otherwise?
Thanks, I am currently trying to get a sample of Monag sent over and awaiting on samples of the AS baby range.

We also managed to get some of the Bella range from ACME so that will tie us over for a bit until we can see what Monag are like.

The shipping is a bit of a killer with Monag especially with the condition of the $, but it is still cheaper than AA here.
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