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Anyone heard of or used this companies products

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They say you can print and cut water proof stickers from an inkjet printer. Has anyone used or heard of them or this??
You use your own standard inkjet printer to produce the graphics. Then Put the them into your Stika-FX and cut the contour, simple as that. Wide format printers let you design up to 9 7/8" X 16" graphics. One or a 100 decals to a sheet. Regular dye inks work fine, but you can get amazing outdoor performance with pigmented ink. We can help you find a supplier for cartridges.
You can then hot or cold laminate them or spray them with clear coating. White JetCut is waterproof right from your printer, but lamination will greatly extend the life. Clear JetCut is NOT waterproof and requires protection.
We supply you with everything you need to print and cut with the same program to keep alignment. We also supply the alignment tools required to set your FX system to match your printer. NEW Video manual.
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