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Anyone heard of IEHK DTG Printers?

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I have been searching and searching for a DTG printer that I can afford (under 10k) that can print on dark fabrics. Almost bought a couple used machines but bad feelings about the answers I was getting from sellers forced me to back off.

In my searches, I came across a company called IEHK and they have very affordable options. Too affordable. So affordable that I am skeptical that they even exist. The one I am looking at is $2600 which sounds way too good to be true.

I can't find anything about the printers or the company. They claim that their printers use Epson print heads. This is the Product description:

The A3 Direct to Garment (DTG) Flatbed Printer can print directly on the surface of t-shirts, Hoodies, Jeans and all kind of garment. The A3 DTG can print graphics created in any graphics program.

The A3 DTG Flatbed Printer is a great way to keep your printing costs down. This printer allows you to print directly from your computer, and uses Epson printerheads. Printing costs for this machine vary between 0.10¢ – 0.20¢ per print. The A3 is also completely mobile, so it is great for taking to events and printing as you go.

✔ Uses original EPSON printerheads…no need worry about the printing quality because this is the same printerhead used in all direct to garment (DTG) printers.
✔ Can print white ink on dark material.
✔ Print time less than 1 minute for most designs.
✔ Print directly from your PC, just like a desktop printer.
✔ Use Adobe Photoshop®, Illustrator® and CorelDRAW® or free programs like GIMP and Inkscape
✔ Completely mobile – great for events.
✔ 5760 x 1440 (dpi) Max print resolution. Great for photo quality prints!
✔ Print vibrant, washable prints on shirts fast and easy.
✔ The printing costs vary between 0.10¢ to 0.20¢ USD per print (20x30cm).

I'm not going to just up and buy blindly so if anybody has any insight on this printer or this brand, please let me know.

Thanks everybody!!
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Yes, the price of these unbranded Chinses DTG printers is quite reasonably cheap, with that price you can buy seven times printers for the price of just one Epson SC-F2100 in the same category respectively. Or you can buy three times IEHK DTG printers for the price of just one KatanaDTG p600 EXPRESS Printer of the same category.

Personally, I don't know whether it's worth it or not, I'm also trying to figure it out.
No, IEHK is not good, they are not manufacturer and they only sell the printer but not support.

I think you can see wayprinter they are factory, the manufacturer.
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