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Anyone have information on how parent and umbrella companies are formed/named?

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I'm having a really hard time verbalizing what I'm thinking at the moment, but I'm hoping one of you smarties will be able to help me out.

A while ago a read an article about having a parent company or umbrella company with smaller, more specialized companies within.

For example:
Parent company: ABC Creative
Specialized Companies: DEF Web Design, GHI Clothing, XYZ Marketing

I'm curious if anyone knows more about how this works, or can point me in the direction of any articles/information that expands on this idea. I'm at the point where I'm confusing myself...
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You can form a holding company and have as many fully owned sub companies. You can use a DBA, LLC, Corp. for each of them.

If your companies will do business with each other then you should check out taxguru.org and specifically Choosing A Fiscal Year for how to do this.
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