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Anyone ever tried this?

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I came across this tonight on YouTube. I was wondering if anyone had ever tried this? Seems like a good little time saver to me?
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never tried it...for 40 bucks , it cant hurt to try it.

I use a registration board all the time. Makes multi-color designs easy to register in my opinion
I use a registration board all the time to. I just thought this looked like it might work even better.
I designed a registration board in Illustrator , it fits 20 x 24 screens as well as 23 x 31 inch screens and 16 x16 platens and 18 x 24 platens .....works very well .....

anyone care to share there board......maybe some pics?

I use a cutting board with graduations on it. Before that I used a piece of cardboard cut to screen size with lines drawn on it.
I currently using a registration board. But for now I don't mind if it off 1/4" -1/2". I am currently making a registration system will work with Newman roller frames 18x20 or 23x31. I would have bought a used on but I would need a template and jig for press for each size with the common commercial registration systems.
I will try to take some pictures of the board I use and I will post them up tomorrow. It is actually a template I bought off of ebay and I mounted it to a piece of wood and made stops on it so the screen slides right in to place every time. So far it has worked really well.
Do you have a press jig.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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