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anyone doing this also?

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hey everyone. is there anyone out there making a little money from just a heat press and transfer paper. i plan on making tees for small businesses that want around 1-100 tees. i just have a stahls maxx 16x20 heat press, cheap ink jet printer and transfer paper for lights and darks. just wondering if anyone was having any success with such little resources. i plan to start small with these items and when a little money started coming in start buying more toys. Keep in mind i have a full time job and just do this very part time.
i know there are allot of different variables.
thanks in advance, sorry if this question has been asked 14,000 times.
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Hey, Generally speaking, shirts that small businesses get are screen printed or DTG printed. But there are companies that produce custom screen printed transfers that you can heat press on.

Or another option, is to sub out the screenprinting work and make a few dollars without doing most of the work but still taking care of your customer.

You may want to attempt to go after the general public with custom t-shirt designs and/or photos on shirts where the customer can send you a pic or you can take it if you have a digital camera.

Not trying to be negative, just in my opion, trying to get you starting off on the right foot.

Good Luck and ask if you have questions or need help.

For small businesses the most common type of imprint is embroidery in my area
We have many customers who supplement their income by selling shirts printed with transfers. Keep in mind that it is a competitive marketplace so you need to develop a plan, and product, that you feel will be appealing and have demand.
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