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anyone buying rhinestones from eBay?

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is anyone buying rhinestone from PAPI on eBay?.
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Re: Rhinestone

I do not know of this vendor, but in general I have found the stoneson ebay to be a bit on the substandard side....not all ...but more than I would like..so after a couple experiences, I no longer buy from ebay..problems were,
slow delivery
low quality stones
hot fix appeared to be at end of life span...ie: not sticking well

For the me the rejection I had to do offset any price cut
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Re: Rhinestone

I have great luck with one vendor from ebay , and one only,
I have tried alot.
fast shipping
faceted stones, with tons of sparkle,
Glue fresh and no picking thru stones
Now that is the way I like, it..
This vendor is also a Forum Member here
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