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Thanks for reply.
Heat press: set temp and time. All Done. Any ink.
Belt dryer: all are different. Have to find sweet spot for each dryer. I know so sure some inks are not proven on this process. Really want to hear from real Epson user.
Matter of fact, one customer want to buy multiple units and want to use belt dryer. He asked me this question. I could not answer to him before I see and hands on it. I said same as you said only. As you know I don't have printer in stock to test.
Only one printer(Demo) goes around the shows every week. Magic Show was last in Las Vegas. Printer is moving to next show now.
Theory? Works but sure kill helps always. Especially when we talk to customers.
Cheers! Inks are on me always.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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