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Anybody use the Bosskut Gazelle

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Hi All, I am just starting my business (want to be an at home mom lol) and I really need advice on different machines and software for making rhinestone stencils. The Bosskut Gazelle looks and sounds great with the new Funtime Rhinestone for 2010...anyone use it or know of anyone who does. It's a great price and looks so easy to use on youtube and their own tutorials. (copy and paste just about any image into the program and turn it into a design) and at the push of a button it prints and cuts. Although I don't really have 1K just to spend on software and a cutter since I still need a heat press (also need advice on that) I was hoping this would be a good start up machine for a while. If there are any suggestions regarding other cutters or programs that may compare and still be reasonable..I am open and so appreciate the help.
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Melissa, I tried to reply to your latest PM but your message quota is exceeded. :(
I just realized that and moved them around...sorry still trying to find my way around here!

I just tried to respond to your latest PM and, again, it's being rejected. Sorry!
this drives me crazy...I can't believe you ca only have 5 things stored lol...just deleted again.
You may want to take a look at the Cricut. Here is the website: www.cricut.com

It is inexpensive and enables you to cut various designs. It does not do Rhinestones, however.
Thanks Nick but I am looking for one that does rhinestones. I think I am going to spend a bit more than I planned and go with a klic n kut Groove E instead. I have seen many people speak very highly of it.
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