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Anybody prints high density ?

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Is there anybody who can guide for the high density printing on t-shirt? . High density is raised printing or i dont know actually the word for it.
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Hi There
I haver printed high density in production and now sell and demonstrate high density inks and stencils.
What do you need to know?
i need to know the procedure and ingretidents to print high density. can u help in this case?
I believe that High Density is done with Plastisol Ink, which is a heaver Ink than normal and it's done with a thinker screen inorder to get the desired effect. I'm in the process of getting a line of shirts completed myself using High Density.... But there's professionals on here that can give you more information than I can....
You can purchase pre made HD inks or you can get modifiers to make your own. I would start with pre mixed as making your own takes a little time and the modifiers are not cheap. (neither is the ink for that matter)

Art really needs to be fairly simple and with little detail. usually large areas of type, etc.
LOW mesh screens. 60-86 mesh

You need to use CAP film. 300-400 micron will yeild the highest print

The ink is super thich so be prepared to turn your arms into jelo :)

Hope this helps
Richard is right you need a thicker ink to produce the print.
you can thicken standard plastisol or buy a press ready ink from Union, Rutland or Wilflex.
Stencil wise you can print through 24-49 t meshes.
I would recomend Chromaline Super Phat film for your stencil.
You need to apply it as your dealer recomends and expect a VERY long exposure and even longer wash out. Dont get impatient with the wash out just take your time and use warm water.
Printing wise use a rounded or v section squeegee.
Always use the lowset thickness film you can get away with as it will give you less problems.
Check out the chromaline web site and the u.s. screen institute for tech articals.
Hope this helps
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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