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Anybody know the fine for street selling

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Anybody know fines for street selling shirts for example outside of dodger stadium??? Or does anybody the fine?? Thanks
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The fine depends on what city your in. Doger stadium!! The other vendors that have permits may get to you before the cops.
be careful w/that...depending on what type of gear you are selling and where. yeah, the other vendors w/permits may want to start trouble for you.
Why not just get a vendors permit I am sure it will be cheaper.
well i survived the laker parade street vending ! lol sold about 15 shirts
I've never been to a Dodger game or Lakers game in LA, but I have been to a number of mixed martial arts events in the city... and I'm sure the situation is a little different because of the difference in sports, BUT... every single time I've been out there for events there have been slews of people selling bootleg event/fighter shirts outside the various stadiums and arenas with just a big stack of shirts slung over their shoulder.

Nobody seems to care.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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