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OK... well, let me relay my current experience with e-shirt. I put up some designs on this POD back in 2006. I also list with CP, Zazzle and Spreadshirt.

According to my user account, I was to receive a payment this past Nov. by Paypal. The records on the site show I was paid out, but I wasn't and so I thought no worries, I'll get in touch with CS and this will be sorted quickly. Not so easy.

Firstly, there is no direct contact info for a seller. There is no phone number to call for CS. There is an in-house mail system, that judging from the options, is mainly set up for customers/buyers. So, 2 weeks ago, I used it to send my concerns. No reply. Two days later, I sent another in-house email and again no reply.

Late last week, I posted in this forum and Rodney directed me to jrowles here on this thread and so I sent him a PM asking for some help. He replied quickly and directed me to an email address to send my concerns to and that I would be looked after. I did so last Friday and again no reply. I have since sent a couple more emails and PM'd jrowles again.

It's now a full 2 weeks since my journey to get some customer service began and I have yet to receive even a recognition of my efforts.

Any suggestions? Anyone else have difficulty receiving CS as a seller? Maybe it's my experiences with the other POD companies, but I feel that anything more than 48hrs to respond to a seller's concerns is too long... let alone 2 weeks.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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