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Anybody have a DTG setup in Melbourne and what brand do you use?

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Hi there, I was wondering if there is anybody in Melbourne who have a DTG printer setup and what brand they are using. I have been doing heat pressing and transfers for the last few years and am curious as to anybody who have been using the DTG and what brands they are using. If you are also willing to let me see your set up you can private message me if you wish. Cheers
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Hi there,

Yep have a T-jet blazer Express.


gday scott,

Hello, and thanks for replying. How do you find the T-jet blazer express? Did you get it in Australia? Do you have any problems with it such as clogging or is it relatively smooth to use. What type of designs to you print mate?
Hi Tim, in Melbourne too.
I have a Dtg Kiosk II, has been packed away for the past 2 years, about to ressurect it only to find that the print heads are near immpossible to get these days. May have an expensive paper-weight on my hands.
At the time the print quality was great, colour fastness was an issue though.
@Lambsquirter we have a couple of KIOSK II's. Your welcome to stop by and check out the setup we're based out of North Melbourne. @TIM embroidery source in Fairfield still has them or I've picked them up from DHgate for about $380
Hi Mark, what inks are you running on your kiosks and how are they?
They're DTG inks. They're fine. I used ink from DTGINKS.com once which is heaps cheaper but it was one of those you-get-what-you-pay-for type things - we had to use twice as much white ink to get the same result.
@mark, I uesd to buy my inks through embroidery source (who I worked for years ago as their head digitizer), DTGTEK is the brand, still have litre bottles of the stuff stored away, just found that the washability was less than average. The prints looked great fresh off the machine but by wash 2 or 3 the fading was more than noticable. Was told this is a "selling point", faded prints are the go...pfft. Hence I'm setting up screenprinting again. Would love to drop in one day and see your set-up, I'm in Preston
I haven't really had any problems with wash-ability except for where they haven't been cured properly. Are you going to be doing custom stuff or your own designs? Stop by anytime, we're open 9-6 Monday to Friday and 10:30- 2:30 Saturday.
I'm going to be primarily screenprinting commercial jobs, my brother in Sydney does merch for many metal bands, he's had problems finding a decent screenprinter, so I'm currently setting up to print oversize (larger than A3) prints, many screenprinters don't go oversize. If ever you need larger runs done........
Don't know if I'm going to have much need for the Kiosk, may or may not keep it at this stage.
I'll def drop in though, are you there all the time during bus. hours? Would be great to have a chat.
Hi. Cool. I'm here all the time.
I've got a customer wanted to print some t-shirts for his band. He wanted the design to be printed on both side. He wants to print about 50 shirts. How much do you charge if I outsource it it to you? Let's say the maximum size you can print on the front and on the back. Please, PM me if you are interested.
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