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Hi guys,

i would like to know who buys their blank tees, or printing services from overseas e.g Asia.

i'm starting a blank tee and printing services and i would like to know if i can offer competitive prices. i'm based in Singapore.

What are the prices you would pay for a tee ?
or wat silkscreen prices you would pay ?
what are the shipping time that you would accept?

my business will start in 1-2 months time. i offer embroidery, silkscreen, applique, glitter print, pvc high density, gel print, puff print, foil print, metallic print, uv, glow in the dark, flocking, emboss, discharge, reverse printing etc.

hope you guys can help by telling me the price and services that you would expect from a oversea factory.

*ps i'm going to UK for a trip on 23 nov. will stop by london, louborough University, paris, amsterdam, and maybe newcastle. anybody interested to talk about business in singapore and asia can meet up with me :)

Thx in advance!
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