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Any Women in Screen Printing or DTG?

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I ran across this site: Mom Improvement that had an article about garment printers on it. It just got me thinking, are there many women, or ANY women, in this part of the t-shirt business? I assume this is site is by at least ONE?

It seems like the women that do get into custom t-shirts are all doing rhinestones or embroidery.

So...any screen printing ladies?
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I run our DTG and help with the screen printing.
I do screen printing, sublimation, heat transfers, foil, vinyl, and rhinestones.
There are many women who screen print or have the equipment and employees who help with the printing process. We started with embroidery because that's what our retail store sold the most of, but we brought in many other types of decoration methods over the years to compliment the equipment we already owned. Now we are a one-stop-shop that has been happily moving forward for over 25 years.
We have a small family run business, and although my focus has been on the graphics and office end these past few years, I pulled the squeegee for many years and still go out and run jobs here and there :) along with heat seal, laser engraving, transfers and I can even run our new automatic press!
I know of 6 people in my immediate area that are in the business. 4 are women and three of them are in DTG. You can't tell by the forum name, but there are many who are doing a fantastic job
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I know several females who does screen printing in my area. At the moment I only do heat transfers, rhinestones, and vinyl but will be "testing the waters" soon with screen printing. :)
Our team is made up of myself, my mom and my sister and we embroider, do rhinestones, vinyl, transfers, and screen print. Chick power! Lol
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one of the biggest shops in my area that i know of is owned by woman. I don't know how much of the printing she does now because they are so big, but i would have to assume that being the owner she must have done it at some point in her career.
I do heat press and silk screen mostly by myself. My bf helps with burning and washing out screens but when it comes to making the shirts it's all me. :) My goal is to expand into embroidery and DTG. Also to make totes and koozies too. I have so many things I want to make but have to keep remembering one step at a time. :)
I'm a screenprinter (and illustrator/airbrush artist, over 30yrs) here
Yeah we have a ton of female shops using Printavo. Also female card designers, embroiders and dtg shops :)
Love it. :) It just seemed by the names in the forums and the couple of hundred videos I've watched that it was "guys only"!

Glad to see I was mistaken. :)

I'm in the Uk, 30 years screenprinting and still going strong.

Where are you located in Georgia? I'm in the process of searching for local printers to use when I start producing my shirts. I would love to support a fellow female business owner.
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