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Any UK suppliers of high quality Tshirt 'Giftboxes'?

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I have recently started a business, and I am about to start my first couple of printing jobs. I've realised that to be succesful in business, you must either:

1. Be an established brand
2. Offer something better than the competition

Obviously because i've just started, i'm going for the second option, and I am adding lots of little things to my service to improve customer satisfaction.

One of these little things i'd like to do, is by delivering the customers order in appealing packaging. I've looked around abit, but I can't really find what I want. I folded up a tshirt, and it works out at around 25cm x 25cm however there aren't many nice boxes which accommodate for this. I found this box, however it's pretty expensive, and after VAT+Delivery, even with the special offer its on, each box works out at just over £2!
( Boxmart | Gift Boxes | Gift Box Q )

So, my question is:

Does anyone know any good suppliers (UK) of gift boxes / high quality packaging similar to the above link, that could fit several tshirts inside?

Thanks guys.
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Re: Tshirt 'Giftbox'

Many people have their personalised boxes printed or spray painted or a combination of the two - Why not think of something like that... Or purchase more boxes as to get a better price break. Linty fresh and johnny cupcakes have some good packaging... there a couple threads with pics and info on the forum here...

Hope this helps :)


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