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Any tricks for removing pinhole ink marks from sweatshirts??

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One of my shop lights burned out (unfortunately the one right above my press) and I didn't notice a few white pinholes that I succeeded in printing on 50 sweatshirts. Of course the shop light above my folding table works...so that's when I noticed.

So...I'm wondering if any of you gurus on the forum have a special trick to remove these little marks from a shirt. I don't have a spot gun...so that's not an option. What I did to a couple shirts was to sit down with a needle and poke at the spots to break them up a bit...then I was able to pick and scrape most of the spots away with my fingernails. This, however, took a few minutes per shirt. Anyone have a more efficient solution??

Thanks in advance!
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Nick 'em off with a razor blade or sharp knife.
Spot cleaning gun or if they are not large just send them out to the customer and they will prob fall off in the wash
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