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Any tips on printing on hot pink t-shirt?

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I need to print few picture on a hot pink t-shirt and my first test doesn't look as good as black tees. The customer ordered same design on black and pink tees and I'm trying to get similar results.

Any tips? Is there a way to adjust the image so that the pink cast doesn't show as much?

I called AA, but they just told me to print normal dark color profile...

Thanks for the help.
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Yeah, I tried that... still not the same...

But it's ok. I told the customer beforehand that it won't be the same. She said it was ok.

Hmm... I guess I'll ask again when I have to print more pink shirts... haha.
to print in color t-shirts i had to adjust the design in photoshop, manually change the colors, then testing to achieve the desired color, you can, but not easy as printing in black and white profile.
Just wanted to chime in here for future use. Hot pink shirts are not something we accounted for when profiling. Do to the sheer brightness of the shirt you may feel that the contrast of the print is not very high. That is possibly why the print does not look as good as a black shirt. To me everything looks better on a black shirt do the the contrast of the shirt and the image.

The Red Garment profile should do the trick for you, but normally the hot pink and electric yellows are poly/cotton blends which make them difficult to get the proper color for. If it a 100% cotton shirt then Set it to the red garment profile and adjust the white underbase slightly lower
Do we know how many colors out there? Lol
Isn't hot pink is bottom of total pole?
Black. Red. Blue. Grey, what else? Let us know pls.
Cheers! Beers are on me always.
When you say red profile -- you are talking about the black/red hi res profile the selecting color ?
or is there something else I am missing.
today I was printing on sport gray and had to use the color profile to get even close- when I chose dark color - it used almost no underbase under the browns-- strange because I would have thought dark color would give me more underbase.

we have

black/red hi res and then can use black/white/color/dark color as the settings
the darker the ink color, the LESS white ink you need to achieve that color. reds and blues still need a decent amount of underbase, but browns, blacks, dark greens are fine with less white ink. black doesn't need any white, but i've found that a little bit of white does help the black to look richer.
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