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Hi Vuego

WB Pallet Adhesives need a very clean surface for sticking to the neoprene found on many print tables.

If a slow evaporative (high flash point) cleaner is used to do this,
it can leave a thin film residue that will inhibit bonding at the base layer.

Another issue can result from too thick an adhesive layer,
where the base layer remains unbonded until it has time to fully adhere.
Thick layering is faster applying multiple thin layers.

Additionally, if you're reducing the pallet adhesive with water for your application method,
it will also lengthen the time needed to set up and bond.

Often, a flash-cure treatment can speed up preparation of the adhesive for printing.

Hope this helps.

Happy trails!

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I would suggest you consider using pallet masking tape. It is available in roll widths wide enough for a single pass to cover the pallet.

Some tapes have a non-porous smooth back side which will inhibit the adhesive from sticking. The pallet masking tape available from nearly every supply dealer works fine.
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