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Any suggestions for doing a 3 color heat transfer job with fades? Versacamm, plastisol, opaque inkjet?

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Ok, I have a (repeat) customer bring in a new sticker that they want put on a shirt. The shirts I have done for them before have been my brother's or myself's artwork that was one color and I done them in vinyl. The new sticker I am going to have to redraw and there is a fade in the background. I am about to go crazy because I don't want to loose the job but I am not sure how to proceed with this run.

It will be 3 colors which I think would be too much for layered vinyl.

I thought about opaque transfers (if i can recreate the art) but I have never sold or tested them. I know people sell them everyday, I just don't have experience with them.

My brother has a versa camm that I was gonna try and buy the printable heat transfer material for that but I don't think he likes that Idea.

I just don't know which way would be best, any thoughts?
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I just did this 4 color with Easyweed a couple hours ago. Was my first layered job.

Yes the art work takes hours to separate the layers.

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Looks awesome!
Anything with fades or gradients obviously won't work with easyweed. I wouldn't suggest an opaque transfer (personal opinion). If I were you, I'd find someone with a DTG printer who would do a one-off.

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try the freedom color prints from F&M Expressions. I use them when I have gradients and half tones and they come out great.
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