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Im having trouble using Firebird Ink with my shirt

With dupont ink they print fine, but firebird its disaster

here some pic:

1st image

2nd image

first image (all firebird ink):
my other shirt fabric (left), never used this shirt but:
this shirt when u pretreat it soaked with pretreat, it dont absorb
so shirt become very wet, because the pretreat stays sitting in surface of fabric

my usual shirt (right), my everyday shirt (ringspun, cotton combed light weight):
this shirt when u pretreat it can absorb the pretreat, so its not as wet as above shirt

all shirt using same setting, 95% underbase

2nd image (same shirt, my usual shirt from 1st image):
left side: firebird ink 95% setting underbase

right side: dupont ink 85% underbase for cyan text, 75/80 for 1st horizontal line, 85% underbase for 2nd horizontal line, and still got better result than 95% firebird

so whats wrong? firebird cant handle high absorbment fabric?
its 100% cotton combed, ring spun lightweight 150 g/m²

all firebird using firebird pretreatment, like 20ml pure for 11x16 inch image
all dupont using dupont pretreatment, like 35ml diluted (50 water 50 pretreat) so its 17ml dupont pretreat for 11x16 inch image

are firebird inks required u to put much more firebird pretreat than dupont ink with their pretreat?

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i keep hearing that dupont ink has come down in price, but I have been paying the same price I have been for the last couple years. Granted I purchase from the canadian distributor that sells neoflex. Should I be purchasing directly from AA?

*Sorry to jack your thread madfenix*

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You can buy from AA direct.
Actually DuPont did not lowered price. AA price is came down to compete Fire Bird ink.
Your NeoFlex seller is no long AA distributor. Due to service complains.
If issame price on CYMK and White.
Cheers! Inks are on me always.
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