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Any Information on Mug Press?

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Does anyone have any information on Mug Presses or I have heard that mugs can also be done in a convection oven?
And the transfers, and where to get them?
Can they be used in my laser printer?
I guess you can tell that this is all new to me, any information at all would be so helpful.
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There are quite a few ways to image mugs....

1.) Sublimation - you need to buy a printer with piezo head technology and then substitute the OEM inks with the sublimation ink. Sawgrass sells the sublimation ink, so you should check on their site to see what types of inks they have for the printer you are thinking about. The mugs will need to be polyester coated for sublimation to work. A mug press or a convection oven and mug wrap is necessary.

2.) Transfer paper - There is a paper that will go on hard surface. I believe you will not have to trim most hard surface papers (at least the high quality ones that only transfer the toner). You will still have to test the mug but it doesn't necessarily have to be polyester coated, but can be as well. You will need a mug press and a glazing unit for this.

3.) Screen Printing - You can also screen print the mug.
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