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Any ideas for my workshop layout.

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Hey all,

I've got a small workshop where I've been for a couple of years, I've rearranged it a couple of times and the last tme with destops all down the sides and one end. I don't end up using one side as they're only 600mm wide and they just become a dumping ground. I end up working on one 750mm x 1500mm desktop it seems. I've taken pictures of how it ends up after a weeks work and with busier times coming (well already here) I could do with some ideas for a better arrangment for workflow given the limited space I have.

I keep drawing it out, where the heat press vs hand spray for pre-treat vs espon f2000 vs PC but keep coming up blank. At the moment it's shocking with the pc furthest away.
The size of the room is 5900mm x 3300mm which sort of means I end up with this dead space in the middle. Too big for needing to work in but too small to add extra benches or whatever. I just acquired two small shelving units which will help for my already full over flow one. They're just plonked in the middle for now.

I just need a better flow from pre-treating, setting aside, printing, pressing again, setting aside for later bagging and wrapping for posting. I still weed a bit of vinyl and free decals and end up doing that on my main desk which isn't practical and then creates mess all around my main desk. So yeah an area for weeding and bagging as that creates mess then a proper desk but then to run the DTG off that or my laptop on top of the dtg and look real cool ;)

My idea would be to have a weeding, packing and pre-treat section down the bottom end. With some sort of extractor for the pre-treat also. It's OK in the summer and when not doing so many but with the doors shut and a lot to do I need to sort that out big time. I have drawers for all the t-shirts and boxes for the hoodies but like stashed under desks and I will kind of need more as I've added more hoodies (colours). Before I used to have a wall on one side of the drawers and boxes all stacked up. I like this idea but it then takes a whole side of potential worksapce away.

basically is anyone doing any better within a tight space. I need more storage for all the crap laid around and random boxes. I just feel it could be done a lot better. Might be of interest to some people :)

I have more destop, the ability to put an extra bit of wall in with a roof over it as the ceilings are really high. New floor tiles too ;)



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how about one or two central stations in the middle
think of kitchen islands
if you can find some used kitchen base cabinets for cheap-cheap use those for the base
now you have storage options for less used items (cutter, vinyl, t-shirts, etc.),
but they are easily lifted into place when needed

even though it utilizes the same width, there are far more options than two thin top surfaces
you may even find you have enough room on the edges to add a foot or so of surface,
and still be able to walk/work around easily
How about between your Printer and press have a bespoke drop down Table area, that can be folded up to the wall (out of the way), but when you need more working area, can be dropped down to help with design and you can temporarily move laptop closer to work, but I doubt you really need to change it.
If you design it well with removable/swing pigeon boxes for further storages , that will stick out like normal 'grab' boxes, but all you do is unclip at bottom, so that they freely swing level as the table is lowered, obviously limited by weight and design features. But a 6' x 3' drop table from the wall should give you a further 4' x 3' working space.
This idea looks like it can be done in atlas one other area, but gives you flexibility if you don't need it. Apart from the pain of raising and lowering, it might help you to rearrange your set up, so everything is close to hand, but can be moved again if you need your space back.
How do you like the 2000?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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