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Any help so greatly appreciated

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Any help or advice would be so greatly appreciated. I want to help my husband so bad. Do any of you know a place that offers fiber reinforced plastic? (FRP) to use with our heat press
to use on a heat press when doing nike socks?
Again, any help is so much appreciated.
I realize they will have to be custom made and want to see if anyone on here does them or knows someone.
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It seems that FRP is used as a wall covering so it must be fairly thick. Is it possible to use this with a press?
I don't know how FRP is used for printing socks.

FRP is sold for wall coverings; it is about 1/8 inch thick. You can cut it with normal saws. You could cut shapes with a jig saw.

If that is what you need you can find it at any home improvement store. What they usually stock is smooth on one side and has a pebble finish on the other.

Manufacturers do make panels that are smooth on both sides. Industrial supply houses are more likely to have the smooth on both sides.

Fiberglass boats are actually molded FRP.
Use Chip board Get it at Hobby Lobby.
Yes I googled it - I've looked everywhere. Thanks everyone and Dave- he worries that the chipped wood may snag on the socks. What do you think?
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