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So I had come back after 2 days realizing the printer had been turned off due to a blackout over the weekend. Replaced dampers. Primed and all good to go. Nozzle check was horrible after a few cleans and tried to let it settle overnight. Nozzle checks were still bad. Did a print head flush, waterfall looked nice, a few cleans and still horrible nozzle checks. Believed it wasnt the capping station as it had just been replaced and the cap has nice ink patterns after cleaning. Bit the bullet and finally did a power clean as F2s and F3s did nothing. Whites came back nice and bright but I had my suspicion. Did a 4x13 box of white that I use to get my whites bright for the day. After I did the box I did a nozzle check and I got half a white box with no other white boxes!

Still thinking maybe received bad dampers but 5 bad dampers?!? There is one channel that is almost always consistently there so damper is what Im thinking. Color channels are always nice. Not sure if it has to do with my 0 or 00 ribbon that looks horrible is causing any issues because from what I believe you wouldnt get any nozzle patterns if those are bad.

Any thoughts?
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