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Any Advice For My Website?

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Hello Everyone,

We just completed putting up a simple website for our business here at Wholesale Cheap T Shirts | 100% cotton tshirts to your door at 3US$! No minimum quantity!. Kindly have a look and advice if this is something going to rock the world!

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I like minimalistic designs, but here's some advice.

- all that empty black space to the left is distracting and pointless
- you need some sort of a logo, even if just a simple one
- you need a portfolio section, where people can actually see what you are doing
- I'd change "Who we are?" to "Who are we?" and "How we do" to "How we do it"
- I'd take use of the email option which your hosting provider should be offering, @yourwebsite.com always looks more professional than @gmail.com

Cheers! :)
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At our small production unit, that we call a stitching floor, we produce t shirts of various made ups and styles of your choice. Here is what we do and what you can get from us:

Shouldn't this read "various make ups". Even that sounds a little strange to me. I think you need to work on your wording some. I would offer suggestions but I'm really bad at that too.
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I agree with Beaker, and I looked at it earler and was kind of stumped.

Where are you located?
Do you or don't you have minimums?
What colors do you offer?
What is the smallest and largest sizes that you offer?
Do you have different styles?
Do you have mens AND womens styles?

Just a few questions I would want to know the answers to as a customer.
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Really boring. You wont sell to customers with that site. Definitely buy a cool looking theme and keep it simple and modern.
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