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Anvil tearaway tag + other tearaway/tagless tees

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I'm just wondering what info is left in the shirt once this label has been removed? I havn't seen the shirt but wondered if all details are on this label inc size/wash instructions etc or is there another label in the shirt that contains these labels.

I've found so far that the few companies that claim to supply labeless garments do actually have their brand somewere on an inside label, which is really defeating the point...however, with these new tearaway labels i just wondered if there was anything different with them...
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Hiya. The only labelling on the Anvil tear-away tag t-shirt is the collar label and all t-shirt and sizing info is on that label. No other labelling, printed branding or info exists anywhere else on the t-shirt. We stock them in 4 colours and have just put them on sale.

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