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Anvil 979 Mens and 978 Womens

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Does anyone have any remarks regarding Anvil 979 Mens and 978 Womens tees? Im looking for a tee style with these qualities:

1) seperate brand and size tags, so I can remove the brand tag but leave the sizing/wash tag
2) available in a mens and correlating womens fit
3) softer the better
4) longer cut the better. i like the cut of AA shirts when they are new but they shrink too much after you wash them even once, and the womens shirts are too small/juniors-y

If you have used Anvil shirts let me know your opinions
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Good question!

I'm wondering the same about the Anvil ladies 978.

However, I did speak with a screenprinter and he says the 978's are a nice shirt for the money. I did see one in person and I liked it. Might be a bit on the thin side though... but, I think I'll try some and see how they work.

Good luck!
I used to use exclusively Anvil 979 and 978s for my line, but eventually switched to AA. However, for the money, I was very happy with the fit, feel, and color range of the Anvil line, and as I also operate an automatic press at a high-volume screen printing shop as part of my day job, I've handled tens of thousands of shirts.

My only criticism is that the color range of the Anvil women's line isn't as good as the men's, which is part of why I switched to AA.
I use to only use anvil and I think they are good quality for the price. They seem to shrink and fade less over time than alot of the other comparable brands. I have only switched to gildan for men's shirts since they are more recognized by my target market. I still use the 978s over gildan since the women I know like the fit more. As has been mentioned, color range for the women's is a bit limited as is the correlating to men's colors.
I use 979/978 and for the most part I am happy with them. I've been using them for a bit more than a year and I've yet to hear one complaint about them fading etc. The only issue seems to be with 978, some girls like tight fitting shirts and the smalls are just not small enough. We get a few complaints about size that I think largely comes from the fact that most people (at least in what we're selling) use AA. I'm personally just not willing to get conned into paying $1.60 or so more per shirt by AA. I just wish anvil would make a XS (I think there is a XS for the Gildan 2000Ls though).

Also, the brand/size tags are seperate. I haven't tried removing the brand tag before though.
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