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Antec legend, where to buy, confused!

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OK ill probably be the anoying newbie right now but im so confused.

Im looking into all this and hopefully will start my own little label in the future, at the moment im trying to get as much info as possible.

After reading through threads im interested in the antec legend 4 color.

1.I need a lightbox and dryer with this yeah?or is there an all in one set up?
2.could anyone tell me roughly how much the legend would cost + box and dryer?
3.im in the uk and not having much luck finding sellers here,does anyone know if there sold over here or if they can be shipped over here(can imagine it would be pricey)

these questions have probably been asked already but iv looked at that many threads my heads spinning and kinda just need it put to me straight?thanks folks.
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Antec sells all their stuff direct. If I were you I would get at least a 6 color press.

I think the legend, 6/6 is around $5000 they also have a more entry level press, the Super Dynamic for around $3500.

check out their website and give them a call. they are very helpful.

cheers, im also looking into other machines too because space is a big problem right now.
im in scotland so it would be a bit difficult.can anyone recomend any other good brands?although it would probably be just as difficult. Anyone know anything about the brown pony combo?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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