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Like Opra selecting a book, that article in the WSJ a few days ago
will no doubt double the number of Tee Shirt Sites. I have had the
idea of selling shirts on the web for a while. For me it starts with
the graphics. Ive sold hundreds of cartoons over the years. Never
made a living that way but got a little walking around money from
it. Now this story on the front page of the WSJ wakes me up and
Im hot to get going.

As I said on another thread I need to learn about the commerce end
of this. The worth of a hosted site, the fufillment services vs doing
it (after much learning) myself. I think I would want to focus on the
design, at first anyway, and let others take a slice for handling
the details. I always remember reading that it was the people selling
the tents and shovels and picks that made the lasting money from
the gold rush 150 years ago.

I might strike a rich vein with my illustrated shirts - thats the goal.

Does anyone just buy the graphic designs ?


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Rodney,Kirsty & Twinge,
Thanks for the response and welcome. I did look at cafepress.com and it looks pretty
straight forward. Too easy almost, but as you indicate its stripped of all but the
graphics. I have been doing cartoons for publications (local newspapers) and using
graphics software to help with that so I should be able to handle that end.

Twinge - give me a little time to put up something at Cafe which you can judge and
then we might do something. As you have concepts start collecting them.

Thanks, Glen
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