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Another pricing question

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Okay so I know there are some excel files out there for helping with price quotes. Ones that have different costs for the quantity of shirts and number of designs/colors, but my question is how do you show that to the customers?

Basically I want to add a fee description to a flyer so that people can get an idea of a quote before they call me. It would have shirt costs, design fee, screen fees, print fees, etc. But Im thinking that all this would just intimidate the customers. Is there a way of showing people our charges without intimidating them with math?

I was thinking to market all shirts for $5, add an additional dollar per design or color (screen), with a $50 design fee. That sounds more appealing dont you guys think? Any advice would be appreciated.
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do you design yourself? If no, thats huge cost factor in t-shirt industry. usually, designer costs 150-200+ each.
Ive designed a few things but Ive only been working with software for a few months vice years like others.

Again, anybody know a way to let customers know about pricing without intimidating them with all the print fees associated with making shirts?
yeah, our designs range from $175 - $500 depending on design complexity.
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