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My name is Brandon, I'm from WI (Lake Geneva Area) and I'm an in-house graphic designer who happened into an abandoned screen printing setup. Through a friend of a friend, I was given:

-Hix Premier 4/4 manual press

-Unknown 2/1 manual bench press with hat a few other attachments

- 18 reusable 22" aluminum frames with strecher

-25 unused wooden frames

-screen stretching rollers (for the wood frames?)

-18 assorted squeegees

-scoop coater, pallet knives

-Nuarc 26-1k 1000w Metal Halide exposure unit

-unknown 16 x16" flash dryer

An I received this all for the humble price of 0$. I know right?!
Now all I have to do is figure it all out... I just burned my first successful screen last night! 1 out of 4, not a bad start. Didn't even need the pressure washer, go me! I currently work out of my house but once I'm comfortable taking jobs, I would like to move into a "shop" space. If anyone has a similar set up or lives in the area, let's chat! If you wanna discuss graphic design, I'd love that too.

I've already used this site successfully a couple of time and look forward to the feedback in the future.


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