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Hi folks,
In April this year, suddenly and without any warning or reason, I got the urge to begin screen printing T-shirts, mostly for fun and maybe, after I gather some experience, to make a buck or two. As I quickly approach retirement age, I am becoming anxious about having nothing to do the rest of my life.;)
So I've been obsessively poring over anything and everything I can locate on the 'net, trying to make rational choices for my first setup.
I settled on the YOUTEES package, and it is very functional and appropriate for my needs.
In my wanderings through the www, I found this place, seemingly full of experienced and friendly people just happy to answer newbie questions...and just signed up so I can participate in...or rather, ask lots of newbie questions.
Seems like a great place, and thanks for your time.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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