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Okay, so i finally decided to start and got some things in addition to things i already have. So far this it what i have..

-500 watts halogen lamp (i set it up following a different thread)
-silk screens, couple of 110s and 140s.
-water based inks
-Ulano Qtx emulsion
-emulsion remover spray
-glass(for exposure)
-clamps/hinges (since i dont have the carousel set up)
-couple other things..

Now, i have some questions which require some guidance from the pros. :D Answers and suggestions will be very much appreciated

What would be the best way to print my designs on film? Is there a cheap printer that prints on film?
Is there any printing shop, ie, staples or kinkos that can print my design on film/transparencies?
Any advice on exposure? (I got mine set-up 24 inches away from the design using a 500watt halogen lamp and am planning to do 9-10minutes.)
How many coating do i need using the QTX?
What should i do to dry the water based ink after printing?

Ideas that you have that are not covered by my questions will be much appreciated, very much.

Thanks in advance.

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Any inkjet printer will work for your film. You simply need to make whatever adjustments the controls in the print dialog box will allow to get dark positives.
QTX is a good emulsion to use with low-UV light sources like a 500w halogen, but it's not particularly well-suited to water-based inks. It'll likely start to break down. A dual-cure or diazo emulsion will work better, and there are some marketed as being good for water-based inks.

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you will need stuff like screen cleaner and a can of screen opener.

what i suggest is getting a exposure calculator to figure out how long you need to expsose your screens using your light source. each one is different, but to get it right will be a nightmare if you just guess.
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