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Hello all! First off this is a great website. Full of kind people offering up some great advice.

I'm a newb. :) I stumbled onto a themed business idea that I feel passionate about and want to start selling clothing. Mainly shirts to start out with. I've gotten this far:
Hired an incredible designer for 4-5 custom designs and a main logo. I've got a target audience, a web designer, and market package set up. All to just get the ball rolling.

I am trying to find some answers for the following questions:

1. Is it smarter to have a company print my shirts starting out? What do you recommend for that?

2. What company do you recommend for printing multiple shirts for the best prices?

2. What equipment would you need to print shirts much like that of the Affliction brand or Disciple clothing brand?

3. What brand of equipment do you recommend starting with?

4. What is the best shirt for the best price?

5. How many shirts do you recommend having in stock when the site goes live? Sizes?

Any other tips, warnings, or advice you could share to a newbie?

Thanks so much fellas and ladies!

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No one, including you, knows if your designs will sell. Definitely outsource printing until you are sure of which way you want to go. How may shirts? How confident are you? I would talk to a local printer to start. The other questions can wait until #1, will they sell, is answered. God Bless.
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Thanks Jobe! That is obviously the common sense response. I'm always prepared for failure, just because my parents were a little TOO paranoid and always prepared for the worst case scenario. So I got instilled with that. I have another business that is my main source of income.

I just like to be prepared, and do research while I have the time.

I am pretty darn confident. Just because I have checked my market and potential competition, and no one is taking the approach I will be. But is a good market to be in. Looking at 4-5 different designed shirts to start out with.

Who do you suggest for outsourcing?
Don't know where you are, but I would prefer to go with a local printer, someone I can see and work with step by step. Or you could buy a heat press and get plastisol transfers. There are a couple of people at left who support this forum who do custom plastisol transfers. Or do a search on this board for contract printers.
Good luck with your new venture -
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Welcome to the forums, and best of luck with your business! :)
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