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Another new girl

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Hi everyone.. I'm new here too. Its great to see that people can all talk about their experiences.
I'm in the process of "doing my homework" with this t-shirt business. I don’t have a heat press yet..
I want to try different heat transfer papers first to see which one is the best. Then test them on the shirts to see what I like best. Then after researching everything, like what price to sell for where to sell how to sell.. I will purchase my machine.
Hopefully this will be a fun process.
Thank you all.
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you know that all types of transfers are used to print beyond t-shirts Eh! :D

have fun.
Hi Lorena, welcome to the T-Shirt Forums!

This is a great place for research :)
Thank you for the welcome.

I dont understand what you meant by "all types of transfers are used"

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