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I realize there is a search function and am a member of many active communities and forums but I am the first to admit, I'm not great at navigating said forums! I had a wild hair last night and decided to look into starting a Rhinestone tshirt business. I would be order only and am only looking to press pre-made transfers myself.

What do I need to know to get started?
I will need a heat press, I hear the larger 16x20 is a wise decision, any opinions on that? Also, do these presses require special wiring? I don't know anything about that except that the plug either has two or three prongs, I need to know if I need anything beyond that. (I find the most interested and active users are the people who post most consistently on these boards so that's who I'm looking for feedback from. Searching back to dated posts often brings outdated information or links that are dead, etc.. I hope you'll humor me and share what you can. :eek:)

I am looking for a good *cost effective* source to actually transform my designs or ideas into a usable rhinestone pattern, and then looking for a source to actually create the pattern in stones and ship to me to be pressed on the item that we choose. I have heard there are no-setup-fee places that will do that, probably as long as I order the designs from them (I assume?)

I also know that this isn't a place to "do business" with each other, but if you offer these services at a very competitive rate (I know there are Chinese providers who do these things dirt cheap) - please feel free to PM me with details.

My next step will be to purchase software that I can create my designs and send them to a producer, after that, I will be looking to create and produce my own designs. Baby steps :)

I saw the "DAS" system? It looks interesting but I can't find any kind of pricing - I assume those use consumable products as well such as refills for the templates, blades, etc... advice and knowledge on those things is GREATLY appreciated... pros and cons on all things I need to know are welcome too!

I am happy to have found this forum, thanks for all your help!!

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