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Another Lesson Learned - Rain

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Beautiful Sunday afternoon here in Tampa, Florida. I burn 5 screens, wash them out and leave them on the pool deck in full sun to dry and super cure the emulsion. The wife and I go into the printing room to fold the last order while we wait for the screens to dry to print the next order.

We finish folding and my wife turns to the pool and says "Hey look, it's raining."

The emulsion appears to be in tact, but you can see faint water marks on each one. Some more than others. I now have 5 screens prepared for the next print run in this condition.

We bring them in and the rain stops. Gotta love Florida weather.

Gonna try some test prints on a pellon and we'll see what happens.

Keep your fingers crossed.
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I have done the same exact thing......the screens were ok...got lucky on that one.....the weather is funny here in FL...I look out the back door and it is sunny ..look out the front door and it is raining....Love FL summers :)

Sun is no friend, either. Left T-shirts out at the crafts fair on the table and our canopy didn't completely block out the sun as it turned throughout the day. The sun bleached out some of the colors. We used those T-shirts as give-aways - couldn't really charge any money for them. Oh, well. Lesson learned.
Wow, that's incredible that the inks faded that fast in the sun!
All of the screens were fine. I struggled with offset a bit, the screens did their job.
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