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Another Heat Press brand "National" any good. PICS

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Still looking for a quality pre-owned press. Came across this for 250.00 its 15x15 and brand is national. never heard of it but here are 4 pics. Anyone know if these are any good?

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National made machines until a few years ago and the quality was pretty much similar to Hix, Stahls, Knight, etc. We sold them and had very few problems. The machine pictured looks about 10 years old based on the timer and the on/off switch. I'd try printing a dozen or so transfers with it before you buy it. Maybe $200 is more realistic.
This is an older press as Ed says..also it has a temp gauge..not digital...for $250 I would rather get a 15x15 from Sunie that comes with a 3 yr warranty..They are located in Carson City Nv. I have done business with them and they seem to be quality dealer. BUT the press is a chinese press. That is why the 3 warranty is important. You don't know how long the national will last...so for the same $, my choice would be Sunie
I have the EXACT same press. I bought it (used) a little over two years ago and have done many jobs. I have not had any problems with it. By the way, I paid $350 but made may money back with the first family reunion shirts I did.

Brotha' Wisdom
I will still give my money to the Sunie press, because of the 3 year warranty and the fact that it'll be brand new, and by the look of that press on that picture it seems like is been dropped, scraped, and so on.
If it is about 10 years old, you can not know when the heating element is going to give up.
It may last another 10 years, or just stop working in a month. And there is not warranty on it.
It may has been a quality press, but heating elements have a life span.
Spend your hard earned money wisely
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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