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Hi every one: it was nice to find this t-shirt forum I need all your help... I am planing to start a t-shirt home business, my location is Los Angeles. I have original line art and want to print them on t-shirts with metallic ink. I have called more than 10 places that do screen printing, most of them do no print with metallic ink! I guess the demand is not there so they do not buy the metallic ink color papers.
I may have to print them myself, for now, I wish to find a place that prints on black metallic paper, help! help! Does anybody know of a metallic screen printer in Los Angeles?.

I am a Graphic Designer and learning about this new adventure. I think, it is better for me to have the t-shirts printed, but the more I research, the more I find the need to do things myself!!! I am buying a book on eBay: How To Print T-shirts.

Isabel Charleston
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