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Another dream chaser

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Hi everyone my names Jessika and well im here for some guidance. I too am trying to chase my dreams and start my own clothing line. I have my logo and somewhat of a plan but at the moment the only thing holding me back is the right tools. I want to do the silk screening myself and labels. I only have about $500 for initial investment is it possible to start off with this?

thanks everyone :)
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Hi Jessika, welcome to the forums. It's certainly possible to get started on a small budget. But it's a good idea to plan everything out to see what works best for you. Chances are, screen printing equipment will tie up most of your funds. Then you have to buy blank shirts, inks and other accessories to complete your printing. Sometimes it makes sense to outsource to a screen print shop. This way you can get $500 worth of shirts and you can get out there selling to see if your brand can take off.

Hope this helps and good luck!
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