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Anatol Titan Stepback function-cool

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Have had a titan since March, but really have not worked with it much. Just tried the step back function and was amazed.
The thing does all kind of machinations all by itself!
Actually worked as advertised.
With the control panel and this type of features a newbie can run this all day me thinks.
Maybe by this time next year will actually start running this thing regular.
DTG line is actually busy most of the time. Interesting.
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Can you explain the stepback function for those of us with manual presses ;)
Station one-white
Station 2 flash

Station one hits the design with as many strokes as you program
You advance the machine and it puts the garment under station 2 and flashes it. When it is done the machine moves the garment back to station one and hits it again for however many strokes, then moves it back to station 2 for a second flash or not as you wish. Of course, by now it hit the next garment for its first time at staion one.
And so on and so forth.
So it's a print-flash- reverse -print again-advance-flash again and move on to station 3.
It still catches me by suprise when the garment goes in the other direction and it prints it again. Keep ur finger out of the way!!
Which Titan did yuend up getting? I am starting to look at these again. Would you pm me the deal you got?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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