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Hi Everyone i have an Anajet Sprint its the R1900 based one. Thing is i need a print-head these seem notoriously hard to get new at a decent price. so now i am left with 4 options and was hoping someone with experience would help guide me in the right direction.

The Epson print head this printer uses is a DX5 print head would i be correct in saying that the flowing printers come with the same head.

  • R1800
  • R1900
  • R2000
  • R2880

Now the last one the SCP400 seems to be the exact same printhead i found this new for less than 300 us in Indonesia and the standard 1900 print-head for 450 dolars.

Has anyone tried to use a Print-head form a Sure Color P 400 in the sprint.
also i'm considering buying a used R2880 for the print-head because its local would it be worth the hassle ?

What would you do in my boots. I got the anajet as a project spent close to 2k on the parts already id like to get at least one or 2 years work out of it before i upgrade to something serious. Please pitty the fool and any help would be appreciated.
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